The creative force behind the O&A brand is the creative duo of architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. For more than 20 years, their dynamic partnership has achieved international recognition of the brand and a strong reputation for creating elegant, sophisticated and timeless interiors for private, commercial and development clients across the globe. O&A’s award winning portfolio includes private apartments, luxury hotels, restaurants and stores. With the growing number of international projects, and in order to consolidate their bespoke objects and furniture design experience under their own unique brand, Oleg and Anna established a London-based company – O&A London. Creativity is authorship and the two designers launched their own product line in collaboration with renowned heritage brands such as Holland & Sherry, Preciosa, the Odd Chair Company, Riviere Rugs, Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne and Pouenat. They successfully debuted with unique lighting, textile, wallpaper, furniture and rugs collections. For many years O&A has been included in the top 100 best design studios in the world. O&A London’s luxury interior design projects are featured in world-class publications, including the World of Interiors, Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, Object, Marie Claire, Attitude, Salon, Bridge for Design and London Magazine.

Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova

The brand aesthetic lies within the dualism and harmonious interaction of the founding designers – Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. Whilst Oleg brings a sharp architectural eye to the conceptual design aspect, Anna adds an aesthetic influence informed by her design sensibility. “I pay attention to the finest level of detail. I love creating individually designed bespoke pieces of furniture and decor, down to the level of door-knobs and window handles”, - Oleg Klodt. A unique aspect of O&A London creations is the combination of large and small forms in a union of space and light; falling within the distinctive plasticity of rooms and the organic coexistence of objects that moulds their style and appearance. O&A London studio offers distinctive collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, rugs and wallpaper. By taking inspiration from key design movements, art and iconic moments in history such as Bauhaus and Art-Deco, Oleg and Anna have established something that is both classically rooted as well as suited to the contemporary interior.

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“We deliver every project with care. We find unique items and if we don’t find them, we create them”, - Anna Agapova. Our portfolio consists of high-end residential refurbishment, the best commercial interior design and international hospitality projects. Our product line is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards. We have a strong client-oriented approach and deliver only the highest quality immersive experience using realistic, award-winning 3D visualisations of their dream interiors. Our interior decoration contractors bring them to life with impeccable accuracy and precision. “We are motivated by the ever-changing design world, and strive to make each of our clients’ vision a success by ensuring that our design projects reflect the clients' goals, standards and budget”, - Oleg Klodt. This personalised approach to each project provides exclusivity and individuality to our interiors with attention to the finest detail.

O&A London is a full cycle design practice which means that the studio carries all the work required for a project starting with creating a concept all the way to full completion of the project. The company offers designer supervision and control of all building works. Show more
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O&A London implements the very latest technologies among interior design international companies, allowing designers to blend simplicity of form with the complexity of technique to achieve outstanding quality. We provide realistic 3D visualisations, detailed floor plans and architectural specifications. All the processes are carried out with impeccable accuracy and precision. Careful selection of materials is crucial, since the indoor air quality of a house is largely dependent on this. The salutogenic approach has become an integral part of our Studio. We don’t just find design solutions; we create interiors designed to thrive. In order to create that individual space for our clients we integrate art within our interiors. Our experienced specialists in art and design are recognised internationally for their hands-on and personalised approach to each individual project. We work to take your vision and bring it to life.

Our projects span worldwide across Europe, North America and Asia. We create residential, commercial and hospitality interiors in countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, France, Spain, Uzbekistan, Holland and Latvia. Our furniture, rugs, lighting, wallcovering and fabric collections are available for viewing in our beautiful showrooms in the UK, USA and France. We are happy to deliver any piece from our exclusive collections to any place in the world. Show more
All team members of O&A London have extensive experience either in architecture or design. There are currently 150 people working in our offices. Oleg and Anna are at the heart of our team with every project managed personally by them. Show more

Thibault Van Renne, the company founder and creative director of TVR

"The new artistic showroom of TVR in the world’s premier destination for designers Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is the result of a conceptual re-examining of the retail idea by Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. The designers succeeded in creating a stylish interior which reflects and reinforces the principles of the TVR’s brand, telling the brand’s story and creating an immersive customer experience."

Mikhail, the owner of the house in Amsterdam

"We bought a truly unique house that belonged to the Dutch artist Gerard Scheperkötter from the foundation. There was a large workshop here. Oleg and Anna managed to transform a historical artist’s studio in a comfortable family home preserving the essential character of the house, with its unique atmosphere and soul. They created not just the interior design – they rebuilt the house, and completely changed the facade and the functionality of many rooms. The designers managed to preserve the originality of the house making it very comfortable for our lifestyle"

O&A London offer distinctive collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, rugs and wallpaper and are always at hand to showcase our handcrafted objects at international exhibitions. We have been the proud guests and participants at some of the world’s best international design exhibitions, such as London Design Week, Holiday House, Salone Del Mobile, Best Interior Festival, London Design Festival, Paris Deco Off, Maison Object and Decorex International. It is always a great opportunity to discover some of the most exciting design from international brands and to find inspiration from the latest innovations. Show more
O&A London has worked on many important projects which have received prestigious international awards, including ELLE DECORATION AWARDS, Andrew Martin Designer of the Year, FX International Interior Design Award, The SBID International Design Award, AD Best, National Award Best Interior, European Property Awards, The International Design and Architecture Awards, Interia Awards, and Golden Trezzini Awards. Show more

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O&A unique designs and projects regularly appear in the pages of world-class publications such as Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, Object, Marie Claire, Attitude, Salon, Bridge for Design, London Magazine and many others. Show more