Apartment in Knightsbridge Private Park, Salon Magazine, December 2021
10 Jan 2022

Our new residential project is featured in the December issue of Salon Magazine, December 2021.

Photographer: Mikhail Loskutov
Styled and Directed by Natalia Varnikova

Client & Brief

Among the tasks in the client brief, the main one was to create a light space both in terms of colour and in terms of light. In order to better explain her vision for the apartment, the client took Oleg Klodt to her car. It was the latest model Mercedes S class with light leather seats and finished with nickel, chrome and expensive wood. “I looked at it and said “Understood”” – says Oleg Klodt. The interior turned out exactly like that – light space with a lot of detail, plenty of décor combined with complex textures and unusual decorative solutions


O&A London Creative Director Anna Agapova described the interior style as “American Contemporary Miami Ocean Front”. These associations are not accidental as the apartment resident spends most of her time in the United States and when choosing the design wanted to have the same feel in her Moscow apartment.

Floor Plan

The specific nature of planning for this apartment is in the layout. On the one hand the apartment is very large but on the other hand the entrance is quite strongly shifted to the left. Because of this the overall dynamic of the space is quite horizontal withe windows along its length. However, this layout was beneficial as it added air and light to the space. The team decided to implement axial development of the space from the front door through the hall and into the main kitchen, which created a living area on the way to the bedrooms. Problems were caused by the bearing column but the solution was found by adding another fake column and incorporating them both into one composition with the fire place. This created a sort of gallery emphasised by the rotating lamellas, leading to the living area where the master bedroom, two dressing rooms and the children’s bedrooms are located.

Special feature – kitchen

This project also implements a very contemporary idea of creating two kitchens; one for presentation and another more practical. Usually, this sort of divide takes place in larger houses and is not often seen in apartments but the clients liked the concept and it turned out to be very convenient. The main (white) kitchen is created for family gatherings in the morning to have breakfast and drink coffee and the second (dark) kitchen is for cooking lunch and supper. This way the smell and any mess from cooking are not carried into the living space thus improving the apartment’s aesthetics.


One of the most prominent decorative techniques is the French glass positioned in three different places and in completely different styles. French glass art panels are associated with water and sea breeze and always look the part. Modern abstract art in bright colours was also used for placing emphasis and to stand out from almost entirely white interior.


In this particular interior the designers used quite a few expensive accentuating objects. The most unusual and interesting objects are furniture and rugs by O&A London. A chandelier designed by Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova is featuring raindrops falling on the table and creating the sensation of freshness and light. Another important element is the kitchen with a designer island where the table top made from quartz agglomerate moves to the facades which are veined with vertical stone stripes.

Press inquires: Alla Yaskovets


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