Interior around artworks, Salon Interior Magazine, November issue, 2021
27 Oct 2021

Our new residential project is featured in the November issue of Salon Interior Magazine, November 2021.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk
Stylist: Natalia Varnikova


The clients are a family with three children that Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova have known for over fourteen years and this is not the first project they have done for this family.



“We were aware of the client’s vast collection of paintings which needed to be incorporated into the interior. For that purpose we created a calm space which acts as a base for various art pieces” – Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt, O&A London Studio founders.


The apartment came into existence as a result of joining together three apartments and occupied the entire floor. The space is divided into central, left and right zones. The central zone enjoys a large living area with panoramic windows and a kitchen and dining room. The right-wing contains the master bedroom and dressing room. In the left-wing are the en-suite children’s bedrooms and laundry room.


Living room

The interior is also brought out by a great number of individual items as well as wardrobes, doors, skirting boards and dressing rooms. As for individual items that really stand out, the large living room chandelier is one of those. It is made from very unusual hand-made textured glass and immediately attracts attention. It is not just a chandelier but a light installation. Another very prominent item is the designer living room dresser featuring a very unusual sun-shaped pattern.

Dining room & Kitchen

The kitchen is very modern and designed in the Dutch style. Due to the layout of the apartment, the kitchen and dining room had to be close together with the idea that the kitchen does not attract overmuch attention. For the purpose of convenience and maximising the work surface area the kitchen was created in the same shape as the apartment. The only problem was the position of the window that in that area sits lower than the worktop. To solve this the designers interrupted the work surface and inserted a glass cupboard into the space. As well as placing items inside, this cupboard can also be used as a work surface. Due to this design solution, it was possible to create a multifunctional element of the kitchen interior.

Master bedroom

We are especially proud of the master bedroom, where it was possible to bring together American wallpaper by Black Crow and our Ocean rug created by O&A London. Amazingly these two very expressive pieces, created under very different circumstances separately from each other, come together beautifully.

The main idea we managed to realise was to create a cosy and comfortable space for the whole family. Should the family members wish to change anything in years to come, all they would have to do is to replace a few décor items and the interior will look completely different.

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