Home fragrance

O&A London creates sophisticated scents for your home together with the best perfume houses in Grasse. Individually designed scented candles will add an indelible impression of your home, literally in the air itself.

Over the past two decades O&A London has developed an invaluable reputation for creating elegant, sophisticated and timeless interiors for private, commercial and development clients across the globe. Good design always begins with an interesting story. O&A London believes that the new approach to fragrance design means creating atmosphere that consciously interacts with – and realises – your dreams and memories. It always starts with a story and this requires an idea.

“We create not just a home fragrance – we tell a story about who you are and what you dream about. Scent design is a passion for our architecture studio team. Our approach is to evoke emotion through memory, and to provide a sense of a unique space that is at once luxurious and comfortable”, – Anna Agapova said.

The power of scent is just as overwhelming as the power of architecture. It can transform your home into a unique place to evoke inner peace and balance. O&A London has designed four home fragrances to calm, encourage, awake good memories, and even provoke, turning any room or occasion into a moment of pure delight.

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