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O&A London is one of the top and most well-established design consultancies in the UK. The studio is a full-cycle design firm. This means it completes all the work required for a project, starting with creating a concept through to the full completion of the project. In addition, the company offers its expertise in designer supervision, Building Services Engineering Consultancy and control of all building work. There are three phases on any design project working process: Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation

Developing construction documentation is the least creative part of the design job! However it is absolutely critical to the success of the project.

What is construction documentation (CDs)?

Construction documents are directions from the Designer to the Contractor. These documents describe precisely how the Contractor will deliver the design – through drawings and specifications.

As well as providing detailed information for the building design and construction, CDs are also used for building permit applications, bidding stages and construction contract administration.

What is included in Construction documents?

Construction documentation includes printed and digital drawings and specifications. Our experienced team always uses innovative technologies and the best software products such as ArchiCad, AutoCad, and SketchUp. The capability provided through this software allows significantly improved project management and project infrastructure outcomes .

Construction drawings typically include General sheets, Civil engineering sheets, Landscape Architecture Sheets, Structural sheets, Architecture Sheets, Plumbing sheets, Mechanical and Electrical sheets.

One of the crucial sections of construction documents is the construction and delivery schedule. The most common of these in construction documents are the door, hardware, window, and equipment schedules.

The other essential element of any interior project is specifications. Our experts provide the best coordination between specifications and drawings — synchronized information between the documents guarantees a more seamless construction process.

Design and build companies

After the document set is complete, O&A London’s construction consultants connect the client directly to the Contractor. We have a database of the best build companies, engineering design consultants in London and urban consulting organisations we work with regularly.

The “job site” is a place our clients will call home. Therefore, when we select a contractor,  we demand nothing less than excellence. Moreover, our business partners share our values and focus on eco-construction design to provide sustainable green solutions.

Together with the Client and Contractor, we create the project schedule and the global strategy to secure resource and budget. In addition, our construction consultants and project managers provide 24/7 support to both parties to make the construction process smooth and the transformation is quick.


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