A special edition of our DELPHINI chaise
22 Apr 2021

The chaise lounge or, what the French more accurately termed “chaise longue,” translated as “long chair” – has an exceedingly long history that spans much farther than the chair’s length. Today a chaise isn’t seen as a typical furniture requirement but a luxury or novelty for the modern home. They are often used to complement a home’s décor outside of the bedroom.

Delphini Chaise, Artwork by Stacie McCormick, Terra Fret Rug by Riviere

Successful design collaboration with the artist Stacie McCormick helps us to keep space fresh and current. Inspired by deep ocean colours of her artworks decorating the wardrobe panels and the velour upholstery of the chaise echo each other perfectly.

A special edition of our DELPHINI chaise for a new residential project is a part of our Synthesis furniture collection created by Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova together with the Odd Chair Company

Deep indigo blues have found a prominent place in the interior. The trend began last year when Pantone declared “Classic Blue” its color of the year. Using the right amount of blue can make a space feel relaxing and welcoming – too much, however, can bring a sense of melancholy. To avoid that, make sure you use plenty of accent colors and textures throughout the space. Most important, make sure every space has plenty of natural light.

A chaise is always an interesting decision when the end goal is to keep a functional consistency while offering a beautiful ergonomic interior. Contact us to request information and quotes.