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Award-winning Interior Design Studio that creates sophisticated spaces worldwide and designs unique collections of furniture, lighting, wallpaper and textile. Our aesthetic lies in dualism and harmonious combination of the sharp architectural forms and the plasticity of nature and art inspired touch of modern design

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O&A London designs and manufactures high-end furniture, lighting, interior textile, wallpaper and rugs.

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Interior design studio

Good design always begins with an interesting story. O&A London Design Studio believes that the new approach to design means creating spaces and furniture pieces that consciously interact and realise your dreams. It starts with a client’s story, and it requires an idea. The idea may be fuzzy and abstract to start with, but it soon evolves as a palette of materials, products and colours becomes a place to live in. Our approach is to evoke emotion through memories, to provide a sense of a unique home interior that is at once luxurious and comfortable. The result is an interior that feels like it was created just for you, down to the smallest detail – because it was.

Individual approach to client

A good designer is an artist and a psychologist. We study our clients, their rhythm of life, character, dreams and desires. And then we reflect this in the design, creating spaces that go far beyond simply an idea of comfort.

O&A London is the award winning interior design company. Our designers craft spaces that anticipate your needs and appeal to your emotions. Creating high-end interiors, we apply psychological science to the context of design. Here at O&A London, we know the importance of making a house a home. We listen to a client’s opinion and then suggest authentic ideas which reflect his or hers, even those not yet expressed or sometimes even not mentioned.

Impeccable taste, spirituality and a warm-hearted attitude are the values which help the founders of O&A London – Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova – not only to transform interior designs, but also build the rapport with their clients.

“People come to us as customers, and eventually become friends and kindred spirits”, Oleg Klodt emphasizes.

“We create not just an interior - we tell a story about who you are and what you dream about. Interior design is a passion of our architecture studio”, Anna Agapova added.

Full cycle interior design studio

The O&A London Design Agency specialises on design supervision and control of all stages of works. Our designs start with mood boards, sketches, and computer-generated imagery to help you feel your new interior before you enter the house. We examine the client’s brief and the architecture of the building to create the house of your dreams.

Our specialists complete all the work required for a project starting with creating a concept to full completion of the project.

Residential interiors

O&A London have a breadth of experience when it comes to creating private living spaces. Private interior design is becoming more and more personalised nowadays. There are hardly ever requests for specific styles lately. Clients are now asking for an interior that matches their own lifestyle. People want things with deep meaning and uniqueness. It is a new and emerging trend.

First of all, people come to designers for personal comfort. Most of the furniture in our projects are bespoke collections manufactured from our own drawings. This allows us to create truly exclusive and bespoke interiors.

Commercial interiors

When creating interiors for commercial projects we pay attention to our own aesthetic principles and the latest tendencies which we observe in design. We have an expert team of designers and architects who meet the specific needs of each company. Together with our clients we create honest and unique projects.

Development projects

Prior to starting work on development projects, we spent 17 years planning interiors in the private housing sector and have gained a lot of knowledge in terms of client expectation and what they see as comfort and beauty. All our projects are based on a well thought out infrastructure.

There is the emerging tendency to pay attention to public spaces in buildings. Lobbies resemble hotel reception areas. There are co-working spaces, restaurants and gyms. Companies no longer try and save on entrance hall design. It is clear that a buyer doesn’t just count their apartment as home but also the spaces beyond it.

A mix of Art and Architecture

The creative tandem of architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova has been a key point in establishing and developing the international architecture studio. While Oleg works with clarity in quite a traditional style, Anna completes interiors ahead of trends. She brings a complex format with new textures and shapes.

Anna Agapova: “I want my interiors to be art – to inspire people and bring out different emotions. I love to tell a story in my approach to projects. I do not talk about style or about trends. I try to understand and listen to a space”.

Eclecticism of our designs allows us to think outside the box, beyond the realm of specific styles. Sense of harmony and incredible attention to detail are at the root of every project we do.

Oleg Klodt: “I see that more and more people want to have not stamped objects, but old and rare things with character, history, soul in their homes. We re-examine the space conceptually by opening up its individuality and filling it with life”.

Healthy environments

Our environments directly affect our mood and emotions, which means that interior design has a direct impact on those who use or inhabit it. It sounds incredible but the physical environment makes us feel things, changes our behavior and even regulates our health. Integration into nature-inspired design has beneficial effects on our well-being.

With our interiors we create a strong, enduring and positive relationship between an individual’s health and their physical environment. We prefer to use the best natural materials and plants to imbue a room with a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

All our interiors are designed just for our client to write his/her algorithms of life. We create purity and light within the space, a certain smell and a sense of nature; we create spaces that resonate with the person’s needs and feelings.

O&A Studio provides interior architectural and design services in residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. We believe that a well-designed space combines beauty, function and personality to enhance your everyday life.

We create interiors designed to thrive.

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