O&A London: 20 Years of Creating Timeless Projects for High-Net Worth Clients

For the past 20 years, O&A London have been creating residential and commercial international interior design projects for high-net worth individual clients around the globe. These projects range from architecture remodelling to interiors of private residences and luxury property developments, and cover a wide spectrum of different types of commercial projects. What unites all these projects is O&A London’s commitment to creating timeless designs that provide a sense of heritage and privilege for their clients. Additionally, Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova are high end interior designers who always employ a salutogenic approach in all their designs, focusing on eco materials, sustainable design, and wellbeing concepts. Let’s take a closer look at what makes O&A London stand out from the competition.


Sophisticated interiors

O&A London are renowned for their timeless interior design portfolio. The studio focuses on classic elements with contemporary touches, enabling them to create truly unique spaces that are tailored to each client’s needs and style. At the heart of every project is the belief that the best interior reflects both the client’s and the place’s personality.



The design duo of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova strives to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends by staying abreast of new technologies and materials available on the market. This way they can incorporate these innovations into their designs while still retaining an element of timelessness within each project.


Highly Experienced Team

O&A London team consists of experienced architects, interior designers, project managers, procurement specialists and marketing creatives who have worked on many high-profile projects throughout their careers. Each member brings their own individual set of skills and expertise to each project, ensuring that no detail is unnoticed or overlooked during the design process. This allows them to create truly bespoke solutions for each client’s requirements while still delivering quality results within budget and timeline constraints.

Low Key Clientele

At O&A London we understand the importance of discretion when working with high-net worth individuals which is why we maintain a low profile when dealing with our clients’ requests. We understand that some clients may wish not to have their home interiors featured publicly so we offer special services such as discreet consultations and non-disclosure agreements to ensure that our customers can trust us with their confidential information without the fear of it being leaked or disclosed.

From architectural projects to interiors and interior decoration projects – O&A London have created it all! It’s no wonder the studio has become one of the premier names in luxurious residential and commercial design over the last 20 years – our commitment to creating timeless designs tailored specifically for our clients combined with highly experienced team members has enabled the firm to deliver outstanding results time and time again!


Salutogenic approach

By implementing a salutogenic approach in all projects and focusing on eco materials, sustainable design, and wellbeing concepts, Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova are helping make sure that future generations can enjoy equally beautiful spaces as those designed today! We also must mention how much effort we put into making sure our low key clientele feel comfortable throughout the entire process – from consultations to delivery – ensuring complete confidentiality at all times! All this adds up making O&A London one amazing interior design firm!

At O&A London Studio, we are here to provide perfectly tailored Interiors for whatever project one may have in mind. Be it a classic English country house, a relaxing holiday home or room redecoration, our talented team are ready to work with you and create a space that expresses your personality. We understand that you may have specific requests, so come to us with your brief and we will guarantee that your expectations are exceeded. Serving clients across the globe from our base in England, O&A London Studio can promise exceptional service and superior results.

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