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Art has become recognised as a vital component of a modern interior. Incorporating artworks into an interior is one of the most efficient ways to lift the space of residential or commercial projects. O&A London is a UK-based interior design studio with an art consulting focus. Fine art is not just a profitable investment but an acquisition for personal pleasure. Artwork designs the space, makes it unique and gives a personality.

Management and Art curation

Professional curators of our studio suggest a range of possibilities. Some our clients are serious art collectors. Management and art curation of a collection requires a long-term planning. We help to adapt art into the interior and make it the centre of the interior design scheme.

An individual approach by our experienced designers can help you to select that special piece of art that sets your home apart. Not every artwork should by an established artist. Sometimes subtle pieces by young artists can mean a lot.

When we think about art, painting on the wall is the first thing that comes to mind. But the range of fine art and decoration for the interior is much wider. It includes sculptures, ceramics, collages, installations, interior photography, mosaics, crafts etc.

Art Market

The way our art advisors source the works from galleries around the world for affordable prices will help you get most of it. The knowledge of the art market gives an advantage for building up your own original collection of art.

Working closely with artists and internationally renowned galleries on collaborations, we add a personal touch to our projects. Sometimes the design of an entire interior is based on a piece of art.

Art and interiors are inextricably linked in complex aesthetic and emotional ways. Salutogenic design is a key element of our brand philosophy, and our skilled team realise that the right choice of décor can achieve a healthy environment. Art can make our living space breathe artistic creation. It is more than decoration – it is a way of making your home your own.

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