O&A London’s furniture collections are created by the leading design team of Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. Their uncompromising focus on the smallest detail, their reputation for combining old and pioneering methods and their knack for selecting the finest materials is the foundation on which they produce bespoke collections of traditional and contemporary furniture. In order to create luxury seating O&A London’s design team pays particular attention to the quality of upholstery fabrics, to handcrafted finishes and the combination of materials. We are fortunate to collaborate with some of the leading experts in international design. Together with our partners we design and manufacture handcrafted furniture for a variety of spaces and projects.

Whether at home, at work or in a public space, the way seating furniture is used in different environments, is deeply connected to the way people communicate in a specific setting. Different tasks and the particular purpose of communication require different seating arrangements. Discover O&A London Seating collection!

Dining chairs

Dining chairs are used multiple times every day. Discover the iconic METALLAH chair from O&A London. This versatile piece of furniture works just as well in the luxurious dining area as it does in a professional office meeting room. Every detail is carefully crafted, from the composite hardwood body to the elegant tapered legs. And then there’s the exclusive finish: choose from two options—either with an art deco metal element or without!

The exquisite Metallah chair from O&A London offers a unique blend of modern and classic design features, all thoughtfully crafted for superior comfort, style and durability. Make your home or workplace look like a million bucks with this timelessly stylish piece of furniture—from O&A London!


The sofa is one of the most functional pieces of furniture in any home. It can also be a design element that pulls together the entire living room, both in terms of function and style.

Introduce your home to beautiful, luxury craftsmanship with the O&A London ALNILAM sofa. This incredible piece is distinguished by its shape perfect for living room gatherings. With measurements that allow for optimal seating capacity and comfort, this piece was made with the highest quality design in mind. The ALNILAM has been upholstered with the finest natural New Zealand lambswool, providing an unparalleled experience of comfort. To enhance the warmth of your home’s environment and bring forward a beautiful contrastive tone, aged brushed brass is used as subtle adornment. Get ready to make a statement in luxury style; proudly lay the ALNILAM sofa from O&A London in your living room and don’t be afraid to seat it full!

The O&A London two-seater APODIS sofa is the perfect addition to any modern home. This exquisite piece of furniture from our collection seamlessly combines style and function in a timeless design that will bring comfort to your home for years to come. With its minimalist lines and solid construction, this elegant sofa features a supportive cushioned backrest. Luxurious upholstery comes in an array of colors to suit your decor.


Discover the stunning design of O&A London, the GOMEISA ottoman that adds a modern feel to any room. The ottoman creates the illusion of weightlessness, this piece will be an eye-catching furniture accent in your home. Whether you’re looking for additional seating in your bedroom or simply want to add contemporary flair to your interior, the Gomeisa ottoman is up to the task. It’s truly multi-functional, as it can be used as a comfortable seating in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. With its high quality metal construction and elegant style, the design piece is created to impress even the most discerning customers.


The chaise – or chaise longue – combines functionality and aesthetics at a very sophisticated level. A fascinating piece of furniture, synonymous with comfort and relaxation, the chaise longue has become a symbol of luxury within the range of home furniture.

Introducing O&A London’s DELPHINI chaise — an exquisite design that is the epitome of sophisticated style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this multifunctional piece of furniture manages to look good while paying attention to space management, making it ideal for smaller rooms. Exquisitely curved design piece makes quite a statement with its shape and elegant design elements. O&A London’s DELPHINI chaise will add elegance and functional grace in any space you choose!


Armchairs are destined to provide ultimate seating comfort. Discover two effortlessly sophisticated armchairs from O&A London’s exclusive collection: the PICTOR I and PICTOR II. These exquisite pieces exude art deco vibes that will transform any open space.

O&A London team has carefully considered every angle of the armchairs, ensuring their timeless elegance and sculptured beauty. Featuring a unique combination of different materials, along with the perfect shape of each chair, these pieces truly show off the craftsmanship. The PICTOR I and  Pictor II armchairs bring a sense of effortless sophistication and modern style, tastefully combining other pieces in your living or work space. Whether you want to make a statement or just add a finishing touch to your interior, we guarantee these design pieces will satisfy all your needs in ultimate comfort.


O&A London’s APOLLO pouf, a new elegant and lightweight statement piece that easily slides under any console in hallways where space is at a premium. Crafted in an equilateral trapezium shape, this sophisticated and laconic pouf is designed to bring modern style into any interior. The pouf can be customised for individual spaces upon request. The perfect addition for your hallway, library or living area – let the O&A London APOLLO pouf add timeless elegance to your dream home.

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