What is FF&E? In addition to design development a key element of most interior design projects is FF&E. This acronym refers to the sourcing and supply of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment.

FF&E and design phases

Schematic Design

FF&E is a complex process that starts in the early phases of the design process. During the Schematic Design, our team creates a preliminary indicative specification to meet the client’s requirements and helps to estimate the project’s budget.

Design Development

In the Design Development phase, designers confirm the costs of the project with the client and provide FF&E specifications, which should be in line with the approved budget.

FF&E Documentation and Specification

A significant part of the project documentation includes final FF&E specifications. Typically, this includes:

  • final furnishing plans identifying the location and placement of all FF&E
  • floor finishes, ceiling and lighting layouts
  • profiles of ceilings and mouldings
  • profiles and details of door types, fixed cabinetwork and millwork items
  • selection of materials for hard finishes, paintwork and millwork
  • specification of sanitary-ware
  • specification of decorative wood fixtures
  • specification of decorative lighting
  • specification of furniture
  • specification of decor and accessories
  • specifications of all fabrics, including carpets, rugs, curtains, cushions etc
Project Realisation

Once all these products are approved, our design team pass the project to the FF&E Procurement managers, who are responsible for pricing, negotiating, purchasing and delivering all the products to site.

Our studio has its Procurement Department and professional managers who have significant expertise specialising in both consumer and commercial clients. In addition, the long-term relationship with trusted suppliers and manufacturers we collaborate with lets O&A guarantee the best terms, including best production lead time, delivery and discounts.

O&A London provides FF&E sourcing and supply as an Agent and as a Principal.



When our design practice is acting as an Agent, we work on behalf of our client. However, the supply and delivery contract will be between the client and the FF&E supplier. That means that liabilities regarding the items rest with the supplier.


When O&A Studio orders and purchases FF&E directly from a supplier and then supplies clients, we act as a Principal. This model means that the design practice takes on all the legal responsibility.


Since 70% of the furniture in our projects are bespoke items developed by our design team, we focus on providing an FF&E service, acting as the Principal.

Full FF&E service includes:

  • Sourcing and buying built-in equipment, home fixtures and fittings
  • Sourcing stand-alone furniture
  • Sourcing decor and art
  • expediting and tracking orders
  • Logistical planning to ensure items are available on-site at the right time.
  • Product acceptance and reclamation
  • Installation and close-out
  • Coordination of the process with the design team, external vendors, suppliers, and the client

This approach helps us to finish the projects on time, on budget and at a guaranteed quality.

FF&E service can be fully included in the main construction contract, or else as a separate agreement. In the latter case the main contract only includes procuring specific elements such as individual or large items.

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