Accessories & objects

The uniqueness of any interior lies in the details. Creating living space requires careful planning and an individual approach. There are no minor pieces in interiors. Throughout all we create, we bring the author’s touch to design.

O&A London produces a home accessories collection of high quality. It includes designer tableware, home fragrances and homeware. One-of-a-kind items for your home define luxury atmosphere of each room.

We offer our clients truly exceptional pieces with original combinations of materials, textures and colours. The accessories collections are created by professionals in collaboration with the best French companies, epitomising excellence in design and craftsmanship. Our product line is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards. Sustainability is a core part of O&A brand identity. We pay particular attention to every step in the production of our collections.


For centuries, France has led in the world of perfumery. O&A London creates sophisticated scents for your home together with the best perfume houses in Grasse. Individually designed scented candles add an indelible impression in the mind’s eye.


The collection assembles a selection of decorative cushions, dressing gowns and luxurious bed linen. The distinctive features of the homeware collection signify the dualism and harmonious interaction of the two designers – Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. The design aesthetic is inspired by the singular beauty of nature. Using the finest fabrics for home accessories, O&A London brings a feeling of warmth and gorgeous softness to interiors.


The collection of designer tableware is created in collaboration with Valombreuse – a French House distinguished by its elegance and refinement. The fabrics are delicately hand-embroidered according to traditional French craftsmanship to create exceptional pieces.

The combination of both functional and decorative aspects of home accessories is great support for creating elegant, meaningful and timeless interiors. O&A London enlivens and elevates everyday home space boosting a mood and  atmosphere.

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