Custom furniture and millwork

What makes an interior unique?

The secret is simple: Bespoke custom furniture and millwork. These are the things that make an interior look genuinely exclusive.

Bespoke production journey

Imagine a time more than 20 years ago when we had only started our design journey. The furniture market was minimal and to buy something different was a challenge — that is where our story began. The desire to deliver stylish interiors led us to unite with talented craftspeople who shared our values and thought differently. We started to create pioneering design products and customised furniture.

Together we learned to look beyond the limits of traditional custom home furniture design. Our efforts were rewarded. Our first project went on the cover of Architectural Digest magazine in 2010. We knew that we are on the right way.

Design Today

Nowadays, around 70% of the furniture in our studio projects is bespoke custom built furniture and stand-alone pieces. Each item is carefully designed by architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova and produced in our partners’ workshops.

We believe that to be a specialist, a designer needs to create something with his own hands. He has to have had professional experience in manufacturing to produce high-quality custom-made items. For example, to make a cabinet or a couch, one has to literally make it, not just draw it nicely on a computer.

In the design process the execution of an idea, and the artistry within that, is 50% of the final product. We are fortunate to work with people who think innovatively and provide high-end services and solutions. We work internationally with our suppliers and manufacturers in France, Italy, UK, France, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Our expertise

In our carefully selected portfolio, one can find witty design solutions for any space.

Walk-in wardrobes take a special place in our bedroom gallery. Find inspiration in our collection of custom walk-in wardrobe designs that show just how elegant these rooms can look.

We know it is a cliché, but the kitchen is the heart of our homes. We are obsessed with creative design solutions for bespoke desks, kitchen islands with hidden drawers, and other storage spots. Our design solutions are intended to fill your interior with the kind of luxury you’d expect at your very favourite restaurant.

We have attained expertise in creating bespoke bookshelves for home libraries from over twenty years practical experience. We are fortunate to work with people who prefer real pages to digital ones!

Here at O&A London we do not limit our clients. Our design service is personal and unique. We love challenges as they allow us to grow.

Ecological footprint

Our mission is in to create products that stand the test of time. We make thoughtful decisions for our clients, and always trying to minimise our ecological footprint. We use only the best raw materials and collaborate with those businesses that care about sustainability and social responsibility.

In our Belgravia office, we have a significant library of sustainable samples of timbers, tiles, and fabrics for upholstery in various colours.

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