As a key component of a modern interior, tables help create a sense of comfort, sophistication and quality. To add that extra layer of style to your home or workspace, why not select a unique piece from O&A London’s luxury collection of unusual luxury tables. Whether you’re looking for a console table to greet your guests with elegance and charm or an exquisite dining table, we offer the perfect solution for all individual requirements. From contemporary looks with metal craft finishes and polished marble tops to natural wooden veneers, these trendy yet timeless tables will help to elevate any space.

O&A London’s table collection is sculpturally designed and crafted to bring modern elegance to the luxury market. Featuring contemporary dining tables, coffee tables and elegant side tables, each handmade piece delivers quality and refinement for clients looking for unmatched furniture design. Led by the pioneering minds of Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt, who together rely on  20 years of experience in creating interiors, this sculptural table collection stands out among other competitors in the HNWI (high-net-worth individuals) space.

Console Tables

O&A London offers a unique collection of console table designs to suit any type of entrance or hallway. Each table is handcrafted from the finest quality materials. We customise the designs and create bespoke pieces to fit the size of your space. Each table can be customised with different finishes and colours to match any interior design. Our collection also includes console dividers perfect for living rooms, offices, and other settings. Whether you are looking for a classic piece of furniture or a contemporary style table, the O&A London Console Table collection has something for everyone.

Dining Tables

With colour and space in mind, the beautiful THEEMIN table strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and sustainable design. Constructed from timber of the highest quality, its minimalist design is shaped to fit perfectly into any colour scheme and space. The colour of the table works with all shades of wooden flooring, the vibrant colours of a statement rug or a more neutral colour palette. Elevate your dining experience while choosing a sustainable option with O&A London’s THEEMIN table – the perfect addition to your dining room.

Round Table

O&A London recently expanded their furniture collection by adding the modern HORAS round table. This table is designed to help create a modern experience living with timeless furniture. The detailed marble countertop is combined with a round metal platform in the centre, aiming to emulate a clock face. The legs of the table mimick hourglasses. At O&A London our aim isn’t just creating furniture but achieving a modern yet natural ambience that stands out throughout time.

Another superb addition to the Round Table collection by O&A London is ORION, a modern coffee table. Crafted with distinct attention to detail, the natural walnut construction along with three curved supports creates an aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting centrepiece, while the soft leather accents add a sense of modernity to the overall look. The ORION round table features modern proportions and is perfect for any living space offering high-quality design in an elegant interior.

Side Table and Bedside Table

O&A London also offers an incredible product range of handmade side and bedside tables.  Each piece is expertly crafted to combine product design with elements of nature, such as the OCTANIS side table, which was inspired by the curves of a boulder. PRAECIPUA is an elegant bedside table with crafted nickel elements, inlaid with veneer sycamore. These handmade pieces will make any interior scheme look luxurious by displaying a style and personality that can’t be matched when buying mass produced furniture pieces.

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