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O&A London design studio is renowned for being one of the premier commercial interior design companies in London. In operation for more than 20 years,  the practice has crafted commercial spaces of unparalleled elegance, refinement and timelessness that perfectly embody the vision of each individual client. The studio’s award-winning portfolio includes commercial spaces ranging from executive offices to luxury hotel lobbies, stylish restaurants to high-end stores in different locations. Guided by O&A London, commercial spaces are destined to be re-imagined into truly outstanding settings tailored to your exact needs.



At O&A London we understand that the greatest resource in every company is the state of mind of its people. We prioritise creating spaces that unlock their potential. To do this, we harness a salutogenetic approach to design. Through leveraging air, microclimate, water, light, natural materials, sculptures, paintings and other decorative and art elements in our architectural plans, we are able to foster an environment conducive to health and creativity for companies big and small. Our architectural commercial design portfolio ranges from classic home offices, designed for private clients, to innovative, co-workings and flexible modern workspaces designed for large corporations.



The retail industry has been facing a dramatic shift due to the pandemic and soaring online competition. To stay ahead of the game, O&A London studio developed their unique approach to designing physical stores based on three fundamental principles: storytelling, interactive experiences, sophisticated merchandising.


With an unmatched focus on the smallest detail, O&A London studio approaches retail projects by creating captivating stories that embody a brand’s values and provide an authentic motivation for customers to choose the brand’s products or services. Through this creative approach, the studio strives to ensure each element of design stands out from competitors in meaningful ways.


At commercial interior design London projects, we are passionate about creating beautiful commercial spaces that inspire people to interact and engage. By leveraging the power of social media, our team creates impressive bold aesthetic statements – often referred to as ‘instagrammable spots’ – in commercial premises, which add an unforgettable signature to the space. We are experienced in crafting custom design pieces to enhance character and charm. Furthermore, we collaborate with renowned contemporary artists who contribute their own expertise in a complimentary way to the vision of O&A London’s creative team.

Sophisticated merchandising

When it comes to sophisticated merchandising, floor plans play an integral role and careful consideration must be given to the available floor space. Research has demonstrated that shoppers perceive greater value in items when the display is organised over an extended retail floor area. This is why it is paramount to plan the layout of the floor wisely, making sure all pieces are showcased in a way that highlights their elegance and sophistication.



As the restaurant landscape continues to change in response to the recent pandemic, our design team is uniquely positioned to help you transform your business. For each project, we focus on an innovative layout and spacing that emphasizes “escapism” with stylish furnishing. In addition, we champion transparency by designing open kitchens for customers who want a contactless experience while still dining out. We also embrace integrating wireless sensor technologies like Smart Technology™ into designs that promote community safety protocols. We partner closely with leading commercial interior design manufacturers so even the smallest detail of our clients’ vision is captured and brought to life!



O&A London design studio offers exceptional hospitality architecture and design services to HNW clients, particularly in the luxury hotel space. Our impressive hospitality portfolio comprises hugely diverse projects including eco-lodges, kite surf hotels and luxury hotel lobbies. We have worked with a number of prominent hospitality venues in London, like Claridge’s, Four Seasons and 11 Cadogan Gardens, where we were able to demonstrate our unique approach to successfully delivering hospitality projects of different calibres. We are driven by our unwavering commitment to change and innovation, which enables us to create inspiring hospitality spaces that speak to the values and expectations of our clients. It’s this commitment, which has won O&A London numerous accolades, not just from clients but also from sources throughout the industry.


A note on residential projects

O&A London’s unique approach is not limited to hospitality projects alone. In fact, we apply the same philosophy to designing luxury residential spaces. Whenever clients trust O&A London with leading their residential development projects, our studio’s designers uphold the same impeccable standards and commitment to achieving the clients’ vision. By carefully planning the space and hand-selecting all materials, art work and technology to be included, we aim to achieve results, which not only meet metropolitan residents’ expectations but fulfil all requirements of today’s luxury living standard.

Check out O&A London’s luxury residential development portfolio!


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