ALKES Console at Salon Interior Magazine
24 Apr 2019

We are so happy to be at the Salon Interior magazine’s selection of 15 best consoles for a modern interior.

“Console tables, previously only seen in the homes of the upper classes and the well do are now available to everyone. They have become as functional now as they were considered impractical before. Besides, nowadays when choosing a console table, one pays most attention to its appearance. The consumers strongly prefer the modern luxury style, the so-called “new art deco” so the console tables’ appearance has somewhat changed to suit the consumer preferences.

Of course, expensive materials and exquisite finishes are used to manufacture them. Some Italian manufacturers still adhere to traditional practices and offer console tables made in the classic Ludovic style. But some have moved forward, and their consoles are minimalistic with futuristic influences. We have chosen the most interesting, stylish and not too flamboyant examples of console tables. “


ALKES console

“This console table is part of a new furniture collection by Russian designers Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova under O&A London brand. Modern Luxury.”