Easter Flower Arrangements
05 Apr 2022

Easter is not only about chocolate eggs, cake and the Easter bunny. It is a perfect occasion to bring the joy of colourful spring flowers into your home. Easter is a special holiday commonly associated with a sense of renewal, the anticipation of new beginnings. Flower compositions help to recreate that special atmosphere in your home. You can easily use flowers to convey a feeling of hope and impress your guests at the same time. The traditional colour palette for Easter is white, green and yellow. White represents purity and innocence; green is widely seen as the colour of life, renewal, nature and yellow typically symbolises optimism, energy and joy.


If you aim to turn the Easter holiday into a memorable and enjoyable celebration for you, your family and close friends, the table becomes the main focus. Seasonal tableware requires imagination and the drive to create something new every year without breaking the boundaries of cherished Easter traditions. Fresh compositions could make a great centrepiece for the family lunch.


Transform your table setting and welcome spring into your home by introducing vibrant compositions to your dining arrangements at Easter.

Flowers are mood lifters and some of them are also natural air purifiers. The light, airy and clean scent of eucalyptus is a perfect choice for every occasion. Choose shades from the green and white palette to round up the space and let your guests enjoy the harmoneous and soothing fraqrance.


Floral decorations using apple or cherry blossom are hugely popular in spring, particularly at Easter. These delicate white flowers perfectly complement any interior.



The bathroom is often overlooked as a space for floral decorations, but introducing flowers into this private space could inspire you to turn small moments of your everyday routine into a precious time for meditation and reflection.


This is where we create first impressions. Sunflowers are the perfect way to warmly  welcome your guests entering your house. Sunflowers not only symbolise unwavering faith and unconditional love, they also fill the mind with happy thoughts of glorious summer days to come.

A sophisticated composition using yellow kniphofia and green kochia can transform the atmosphere of your entrance hall and boost your mood for days.



Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful. Wild flowers add charm and a homely vibe to the children’s world.

Text: Anna Agapova, O&A London Creative Director