Gift guide: Christmas gifts for architects and designers
09 Dec 2020

Emotions are the best present for Christmas


It is a challenge to choose a gift to surprise a person who has a rich imagination, delicate taste and remarkable creativity. Being in the centre of the festive frenzy we wish to tell you about our choice of gifts that could please artists and designers.

Anna Agapova, Creative Director at O&A London, has prepared a list of the most inspiring gifts for those who love art, nature and travel.




Oak & Amber scented candle, O&A London

I sincerely believe: the most valuable thing that you can give to a special person is not just a thing but impressions. Therefore, we created the Oak & Amber scented candle to fill up your home with warm and delicious woody goodness on the Christmas Eve. Living fire, pottery, woody scent bring us back to our origins, give us a feeling of home and allow us to become even closer to each other. A scented candle presented for the New Year will fill your home with warmth and light.



‘Happy Inside’ book by Michelle Ogundehin

Book is the best gift, as corny as it may sound. It gives emotions, inspires and transports you to another world. Home and happiness are closely connected. As an interior designer, I’ve been feeling this connection for all my life. I was amazed on how the meaning of this was revealed by Michelle Ogundehin in her wonderful book «Happy Inside».

this absolutely beautiful book, in all senses, will be an excellent present for any designer!


O&A London new fabric collection ‘CITYSCAPES’, design “London Soaring Birds’,
collection launch is scheduled in September 2021.

Our home needs textile as well as humans need clothes. If you decide to present a bedspread, curtains or cushions, I do recommend you to choose natural and neutral colours fabrics. The restrained colour scheme of textiles will allow you to fit into different styles organically, revealing for each in its own way: fabrics will look natural and concise in Scandinavian interiors, elegant – in classical interiors, it will bring notes of home warmth and comfort in a bohemian style. The quality should be the determining factor in your choice.

The ‘CALEDONIA’ collection from O&A London combines unique designs of three natural elements embodied in fabrics for home. Three types of weaving, providing the possibility for extensive use of each design for interior decoration. Textured soft jacquard and specially treated flannel will find practical use in both upholstery and portiere curtains alike. A special weaving of wool and silk creates the effect of a pearly shimmer, which will serve as an elegant solution for window decor.


Oyuna cashmire throw

A throw can be a wonderful and a very handy present for anyone. There is nothing better than sitting comfortably in a chair wrapped in a cozy throw and reading a book during long winter evenings. I would love to get a cashmere throw by Oyuna as a Christmas gift.

The Oyuna brand was founded by Mongolian-born designer Oyuna Tserendorj, with the aim to design thoughtfully, using the world’s most luxurious natural material – Mongolian cashmere. Amazing soft throws by Oyuna are so delicate and of excellent quality.

Oyuna throw, private apartment, interior by O&A London


Peter Koublis

It’s not easy to choose a painting or a piece of art. Try to start with a poster!

A photo on the wall can become a bright accent for your home or delicately complement the interior. The works by a Greek photographer Petros Koublis with his artistic and almost impressionist’s approach to capturing landscapes can be a great choice. Like the paintings of Sisley and Degas, his practice revels in the freedom of the open air, allowing his images to be totally and utterly consumed by nature.


“The world without observers is the world without defenitions”, – Petros Koublis


Richard Gaston

I would also advise you to look closely at works by Richard Gaston – a 26-year old photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. His landscapes are completely breathtaking and some of the most inspiring that you’ll ever see. With a passion for mountains, he uses natural light and colour aiming to illustrate its overwhelming pastoral peace that the natural world has to offer.



Ash Design ceramics

Ceramics can be a very functional and aesthetic gift. I love the handmade ceramics by Ash studio. Custom-made ceramics complement restaurants all over the World. You will delight a creative person with a gift from Ash’s dinnerware.

Valeria Nascimento porcelain installations

Delicacy and fragility porcelain installations by Valeria Nascimento leave no one indifferent. No wonder that her works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the Globe. These refined nature inspired pieces are very frequent in our projects. The finest porcelain installations are real pieces of art!



Patagonia, Design Inspiration Tour with Anna Agapova

Horses are beautiful creatures. I believe that there is a synergy between clearing up your mind – a sort of meditation – and horse riding. Whenever I’m exhausted or anxious, spending time with horses brings me back to life. Riding and petting horses is my kind of therapy awakening my inner child. When we ride a horse we can slow things down and practise just being in the moment. Present a riding session to your loved one and you will see a happy smile. These beautiful and smartest animals awaken our best feelings and thoughts and give us incredible emotions.

Horses don’t ask questions. They understand.


… I believe the most essential thing that you can give to each other is love, attention and care.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours, Anna Agapova