Our Interview With Preciosa Lighting
06 Jun 2018


Preciosa Lighting spoke with Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova, partners of Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design and designers of O&A London, a bespoke lighting and furniture collection about Meissa, a gorgeous chandelier designed with Preciosa. Meissa has been shortlisted for an International Design & Architect Award.

PL: What was your inspiration for Meissa?

O&A: The minimalism and precision of Meissa can be traced back to the luxuriance of the Art Deco and late Modernism movements and the clean, sharp lines of Bauhaus. This is a light with the presence to be a centrepiece in any generous, high-ceilinged space, including atriums and stairwells. Light is refracted in the hidden depths of the sphere and casts a silky sheen in a delightful display of ‘chiaroscuro’.

PL: You visited the Preciosa factory in Crystal Valley during the making of Meissa, tell us about your experience.

O&A: It was an enjoyable experience! We were fascinated by the professionalism, the efficiency of the company team. We had chosen Preciosa Lighting not only because they are a leading glass manufacturer but also a company with new vision and old traditions which, first and foremost, are expressed in a personal approach to the clients. Also, the factory is located in a picturesque place. It was just a pleasure to travel there and enjoy the natural scenery.

PL: Tell us about the chandelier; individual elements, materials used, etc.

O&A: The size of the glass spheres was the first design challenge. It was a real test to produce glass spheres of this diameter but thanks to the extraordinary experience of the specialists at Preciosa Lighting we could do it. The initial idea was to implement whole glass spheres. But after further consideration and taking into account that the chandelier would weigh around 200 kilos, we decided to use blown glass technology. As a result, we created something that only has some minor differences with the original drawings.

We are in love with the shape of the chandelier. A spherical object has a magical quality. It beckons you and awakens the desire to touch. And we are proud of the size, that Meissa is around 3 metres. The size allows people to see the chandelier from different levels.

A unique feature of this chandelier is to blend luxury, the simplicity of form and the complexity of technique. To implement the classical design, we used matte champagne tinged brass and in the dome, hammered metal. Blown glass was used for creating the glass spheres.

PL: Meissa was first displayed at the Holiday House in London last year, along with other pieces from the collection. How was it received?

O&A: When we presented Meissa, we quickly realised that this chandelier would have lasting success not only among professional architects and interior designers but end consumers as well. In fact, British designer David Linley included Meissa in his project for the Four Seasons London.

Meissa completely transformed the entire space of the house, becoming its central point. The light influenced the mood of the exhibition’s visitors by creating a relaxing and intimate homely atmosphere. Moreover, showcase visitors admitted the chandelier was the most stunning design product. It united people around it and was the heart of the networking that was happening at the event.

PL: Tell us about O&A London.

O&A: Over the years of designing private and commercial architectural projects, we have accumulated experience in producing bespoke items. As a result, the next evident step was to create a whole new brand. Meissa is a crucial art piece of our first lighting and furniture collection named O&A London that we presented in London in 2017.

There are a lot of things that make this collection exceptional including an architectural and sculptural approach, timeless concept, universality and the combination of time-honoured and pioneering methods and materials.

PL: Can you share your thoughts on current lighting design trends?

O&A: The trends in lighting design are the same as in interior design as a whole. The pace of life speeds up year after year and the lifetime of each style becomes shorter. Trends are increasingly replacing each other and sometimes mixing. But every time, as they arise again, they are transformed due to new technology.

It is impossible to foresee what style will become trendy tomorrow. But we can guarantee that only high-tech items will be in high demand. These new technological art objects can fit into any space, including traditional ones. These items certainly will be high functioning and environmentally friendly.

In 20 to 30 years, functionality and so-called digitality can completely replace the decorative and aesthetic aspect in interiors. Nevertheless, we are sure that architects and designers will continue to create spaces that link us with the past. And no doubt, people will desire to remain in spaces only if they feel comfortable and calm. Places where they can explore real human connections.

Source: Preciosa Lighting website