Invite a Season into your Home: Contemporary Holiday Home in Devon
12 Apr 2022

Look inside a contemporary HOLIDAY HOME offering magnificent sea views across the Jurassic Coast in DEVON

Size:  4300 sq ft

Photography: Simon Upton


Armed with a real estate brochure a young couple popped into the O&A London office on the day after their wedding. The brochure featured a modern detached property in Devon, where the newlyweds planned to enjoy idyllic summer holidays and short breaks. Ultimately, the house was to become the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for the busy professionals; a place where they could truly relax and recharge their batteries and also a place to share with family and friends.


The brief was to develop a design concept for the three-storey contemporary building highlighting the living room and dining area in particular. The clients were looking for a minimalist approach to the overall project and asked the creative team to come up with a calming, tranquil and airy design.

The O&A London team, led by Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt, made it their mission to create a ‘tranquil sanctum’ for the young family. During the initial conversations the idea emerged of an interior reflecting the abundant natural beauty of the local area inside their home, hence the dreamy pastels of the nearby sandy beaches and the soft greens of the Devon cliffs and hill tops were to feature prominently in the design.


One of the most stunning features of the property are the fabulous and far-reaching views across the Jurassic Coast. The main goal was to open up the house to the outdoors and to let the living space become part of the spectacular landscape.

“I know it’s a cliché, but this project was literally created from the inside out. In addition to the panoramic windows, there is also a spacious terrace. If you want to enjoy fabulous, far-reaching views you simply can’t imagine a better or a more inviting place.” commented Oleg Klodt.

The building’s modern exterior and the calming view from the panoramic windows inspired Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt to keep the overall interior style very neutral and to put accents using pieces of contemporary art.

In terms of colour palette, the designers opted for a range of soft greys and blush pinks in order to amplify the soothing atmosphere of the home. In the living room a wallpaper by American brand Calico was chosen as a complementary backdrop.

“The first time I walked into the house I was totally captivated watching the sun setting on the horizon. At that moment I knew that soft shades of pink would play a dominant part in the living room – just like the first violin in a symphony orchestra”, said Anna Agapova.


A holiday home is a place where everyone should feel relaxed, hosts and guests alike. Naturally, entertaining is very important. With that in mind, Oleg and Anna designed a unique hand-crafted live edge dining table.

‘The design revolution in the last few years has been all about green, sustainable and organic pieces. Natural-edge tables are a perfect example of this trend. They are great centrepieces that give the modern interior a more soothing and natural atmosphere,” says architect Oleg Klodt.


“It’s not about highlighting pieces of furniture but proportionately adjusting these so they fit into the space; we don’t want to loose the main focus, which is looking outside”, says Anna.

For the interior spaces directly connected to the outside, the design duo selected soft shapes and colours. In contrast, the main hall features strong statement pieces made from dark wood, like the ‘Orion’ console by Liagre and ‘Roe Benches’ by Caste Design. Complementing the interior are ‘Float’ wall lights. These are elegant cylindrical light fixtures literally floating with character.

Art and Décor

“What’s so special about this house is that it is a true retreat. We wanted to amplify the feeling that you are in the privacy of your home and yet you are part of the landscape too, a  part of nature. Each element of the interior should support this idea.” says Anna.

The key feature of the interior décor is the bespoke hand-crafted rug ‘Ocean’. The design was inspired by the sea and resembles the pattern left on the wet sand by receding waves. The rug was created by Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt in collaboration with Riviere, a British rug specialist. 10% of the proceeds from each rug sold is donated to 4ocean, an organisation dedicated to removing plastic from the oceans, thus saving and preserving marine life. Last year the designers initiated the “Save the Ocean” campaign, which helped to remove from the Ocean.

Many artists, whose works are inspired by the ocean, participated in the “Save the Ocean” campaign, including Valeria Nascimento, an artist specialising in porcelain installations. Valeria’s elegant artworks can be seen as a reminder of marine life’s fragility and so her work was included in the living room décor.

Glass art by Wayne Charmer and Samantha Donaldson from Vessel Gallery were also selected for the display. They perfectly capture the fluid and amorphous forms normally found in nature and organic life forms.

‘Land and Sea’, a bespoke art installation by Celia Smith is the highlight in the garden room. The artist uses wires and other materials to create her drawings. Celia’s main subject are birds and she regularly goes on trips to nature reserves and remote islands in order to find inspiration. Her wall piece is made of birch twigs, wire and 17 enamelled birds.

The hall houses five unique and innovative artworks titled ‘Underwater Series’ by Domitilla Biondi, an emerging Italian artist. Her technique, white on white paper carving, fits perfectly into the minimalist concept.

Footnote:  We’d love to point out that most of the paintings owned by the clients were bought in local galleries, mainly in the ancient fishing village of Beer, where an art lover can find many interesting shops and galleries.


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