MosBuild Perfect Home — O&A Design Interior Project for a Boy’s Bedroom
13 Jun 2019

As part of the MosBuild 2019, architect Boris Uborovich-Borovsky created a project of a perfect home. And ten designers created an interior design for each room of this building.

What should an ideal room for a teenager look like in a perfect house? O&A Design team, led by its creative director Anna Agapova, designed an interior for a bedroom of a teenager who is allegedly really interested in aircraft engineering.

Dreaming of the skies is represented by the ribbon fabric ceiling finish. The protruding metal lens on the wall is very symbolic as it resembles an aircraft window and represents a window into the big world of adulthood full of discoveries.

“All grown-ups were once children, and our room reflects the concept of growing up, first love, friendships, sense of duty, being true to one’s dreams and purity of thought.” — Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt.