New Window Display at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
15 Nov 2018

O&A London is delighted to present a new display in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour that tells the story about our last achievement, which is the launch of the Caledonia textile and fabric collection.

The ‘CALEDONIA’ Collection is a declaration of love to Scotland.

Being inspired by the majestic landscape, the Oleg Klod and Anna Agapova created a story that journeyed around the land of the Celts. It consists of nine “chapters” — nine unique designs.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, we used different textures in our fabrics and wallpapers in order to represent the different elements.

For example, our STAFFA  pattern presented on the display is inspired by the Scottish island. It owes its name to the Vikings, its columnar formations of volcanic rock resembling their homes, which were built on vertically placed beams. Simplicity is not the key to this striking design – pinstripes and complex geometry set the tone.

The O&A London display is located in the North Dome of the Design Centre on the third floor.

The full collection is available for purchase in Holland&Sherry showroom located on a First Floor, North & Centre Domes, Lots Rd, Fulham, London SW10 0XE, UK