O&A London Bespoke Production Journey
19 Jun 2018

With more than 15 years’ experience of creating pioneering design products, Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova have learned to look beyond the limits of traditional furniture design. O&A London is the quintessence of the experience, professional reputation, genuine design passion, and ethical and ecological principles that are behind every one of our products.


We are fortunate to work with leaders: people who do not see the boundaries but make the impossible possible. In the design process, the artistry of idea implementation is 50% of the final product. That is why we proudly name these people, not just as partners but, co-designers. Together we start and finish our bespoke design adventure – continually exploring, innovating, prototyping and making fascinating discoveries. This journey is full of technological and creative insights that are the result of in-depth work. We are not surfers, but divers, in the design process.

We work internationally and use the best traditions of craftsmanship. Our suppliers and manufacturers are in Germany, France, Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic.


In our throw-away society, when not only the value of possessions but also a real human connection, is being lost, we make the products and create professional networks that stand the test of time. We make thoughtful decisions for our clients, always trying to minimise our ecological footprint. We use only the best raw materials. That process requires constant sourcing and that is why, if we find the supplier who shares our principles, they become a member of O&A London’s big family. We only value those businesses that care about sustainability and social responsibility.