O&A LONDON Unveils new textile collection – CITYSCAPES
03 Feb 2022

London, Paris, New York and St. Petersburg are the four cities that inspired architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. Using images from architecture and nature, the designers created an eclectic mix of patterns that convey the movement and emotions of these urban spaces. Four cities and six designs in five colourways tell a magical tale of travel and inspiration.


London’s famous parks are elegantly woven into the city’s fabric: centuries-old trees offer refuge to birds that never leave the city. It was that image of the birds, always ready to soar into the sky, that found its way into Anna Agapova’s drawings. These were created in the style of Jackson Pollock, the master of abstract expressionism. This pattern is a graphic expression of the ornamental lines representing the shape and movement of branches and, of course, the birds taking flight.


This unique, Japanese-style landscaping jewel in London is perfect for quiet reflection and relaxation. Inspired by stone lanterns, tiered waterfalls, a picturesque pond full of beautiful Koi  and Japanese maple trees Oleg and Anna created a design that reflects the beauty of this oasis of tranquility and calm.


Fire escapes adorning the buildings of New York became the inspiration for this design. Although these ladders are not rare in American cities, only New York displays them proudly on the front of buildings. Inspired by the play of interlacing shadows on the classic facades in Soho, designer Anna Agapova expressed this exciting feature in her textile design.


Design inspiration: The starting point for the creation of this design were the stone vaults of Gothic chapels in Paris. The graphic structure of vaults, like lace woven from stone, gives a sense of lightness and elegance. This inspired the designers to  incorporate decorative details and ornate patterns originating in the medieval period into their drawings.


The northern capital of Russia is not only famous for its drawbridges, embankments and gardens but also for the beautiful railings surrounding them. The snow-covered ornamental metal railings of the Mikhailovsky Garden were the inspiration for this textile pattern. Through the softness of the lines, designers convey the serenity of the wintery park and its mesmerising tranquility.


St. Petersburg, which is often lovingly called ‘the Venice of the North’, is strongly associated with its drawbridges. Looking at this design, one can see a boat passing under a bridge. This design was created by architect Oleg Klodt when he explored the synergy of architecture and water.



The collection is presented in five distinct colourways, thus increasing the options for interior decoration  using upholstery, curtains and decorative cushions.

Spring Rain

The reflection of raindrops on the window gives us a feeling of something fresh, light and delicate. One feels compelled to cherish the moment and to enjoy a feeling of renewal brought on by this gentle interpretation of spring and the transparent, fresh rain.

Summer Heat

A relaxing and warm atmosphere, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air – summer vibes entice you to open the doors and start dreaming. Stark contrasts and terracotta colourways convey that unique feeling of a siesta – of staying motionless and allowing yourself to dream away the hottest hours of the day.

Winter Frost

Inspired by winter this colour palette makes you feel warm and cozy in your interior. Delicate patterns in lovely pastel shades remind us of frosty mornings and crisp days, when the bright winter light sparkles through the ice flowers on the windowpane.

Golden Hour

That moment, when the sun is at a low angle in the sky and when the shadows grow longer, is known for its flattering light. The designers captured this magic by creating stunning colour effects where warm and soft shades of gold play with lots of yellow, ochre, and grey, conjuring up strong feelings of happiness and warmth.

Autumn Melancholy

Autumn is said to be a season of melancholy but a melancholy so soothing, so gentle, that you feel calm and peaceful. The contrast of golden leaves and the cold autumn sky is expressed in a textile colourway to deliver a season when the winds rise, the leaves fall, and nature around us seems to sink into a dream.


The CITYSCAPES collection is exclusively represented in the USA in Holland & Sherry showrooms. In Europe orders can be placed through O&A London’s official website www.oa-london.com

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