O&A London New Collection
24 Sep 2018
Here at O&A London, we are always working hard to create breath-taking new pieces that are as practical as they are beautiful, and we are excited to introduce four new creations that we believe perfectly match that description.
In terms of lighting, we present DIADEM — a flower-shaped glass chandelier that would be ideal for spacious living rooms and bedrooms. The piece boasts sleek, minimalist petals that are supported by a sophisticated arm system, with thin metal strips resembling flower stalks that are dotted with morning dew. These simple touches transform DIADEM from an everyday chandelier into a delicate piece of art.
Similarly delicate is the SATURN table — an original art piece that somehow embodies complexity and simplicity at the same time. The simple round shapes of SATURN are enlivened by the intricate organisation of elements, creating an item that emanates intrigue. The combination of wood and brushed brass makes this classic design contemporary, with an art deco sensibility.
Next up, we have the OCTANS table — an effortlessly chic addition to any interior. The stark contrast between the transparent glass and opaque-black base gives this minimalist item a quirky edge.
Finally, the deep grey colour of the NEKKAR console table makes it an exciting addition to both light and dark interiors. The chic design fits perfectly into any modern space, and it will no doubt become a room’s leading feature in an instant.
These are just some of the pieces that we have been working hard to create this year, and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in the pipeline!