Shared Brand Values: O&A London And Riviere Rugs
07 Jun 2018

We believe a critical factor of success is partnerships between companies with the same vision. We are proud to work with one such partner – Riviere Rugs – who design and produce rugs combining craftsmanship and creativity.

In our collaboration, we create the installations for different design events. We are delighted to present the latest project in the framework with them for London Craftweek 2018.

Our Pictor II armchair perfectly suits the Sila Dhara rug, also seen featured with the Apollo table by Tom Faulkner.

Our Diorda console is seen here with the Satori Calcite rug.

In an increasingly mass-produced world, O&A London and Riviere Rugs convince the world that there are things that are more precious, more beautiful and more lasting than life itself.

To see the pieces from O&A London furniture collection, please visit the Riviere Rugs showroom.

Address: 46 Lots Road, London, SW10 0QF