What HNW Clients Value Most When Choosing an Interior Design Firm
24 Jan 2023

O&A London Studio has significant experience, spanning over nearly 20 years, in creating interiors for high-net-worth individuals. In this blog post we’ll discuss what matters most to HNW clients when selecting an interior design partner in order to make an informed decision that best suits their lifestyle and preferences.


What is important during the work?

Of utmost importance during the work is attention to detail and client satisfaction. We understand the need for transparency and communication between us and our clients throughout each step of the process.


Communication & Transparency

O&A London Interior Design Studio offers a unique individual approach to working with clients. Working as a boutique studio, Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova communicate with clients directly at all project stages – from consultation to implementation – allowing for the development of an intimacy and understanding between designer and client that traditional design firms often fail to achieve.


Meeting room, O&A London Office, 22 Grosvenor Gardens, Belgravia


Full Turnkey Service & Exclusiveness

No request is too complex or demanding; it is our mission to ensure that each project is tailored to meet each client’s lifestyle needs. We believe that by incorporating bespoke pieces, we are able to showcase our creativity while still providing a full turnkey service. Innovation also plays an important role in our projects, as we strive to create unique designs that stand out from others on the market.


Every passionate wine lover aspires to own a private wine cellar, so our clients commissioned our studio to create a wine cellar for their collection. A contemporary wine rack design with large glass panels provides transparency. The textured blued metal on the stairs highlights the graphic black floor and walls. Lack of direct light in the space creates a magical atmosphere of an ancient wine cellar.


Quality and Attention to Detail

When working with a design firm, HNW clients want quality and attention to detail at the highest level. A great design studio will be able to provide unique solutions that meet the client’s needs while still incorporating luxury and elegance. The studio should also be able to provide custom options, which reflect individual style and preferences.


Efficient Time Management

HNW individuals don’t lack funding, but they are short of time. Time is of the essence when working with NHW clients; within the agreed budget they expect results quickly and efficiently. A great design firm will be able to provide detailed timelines that can accommodate any changes or delays along the way while still delivering results on schedule. They should also have efficient project management tools that allow them to stay on top of any unforeseen issues or challenges during the creative process.

We are proud to offer our clients high-quality 3D Renders and 3D Interior Design Animation, which will enable you to fully visualise the concepts before entering the process. This advanced technology executed by our highly skilled designers delivers life-like visuals and eliminates the need for traditional mood boards. Our designers with their attention to detail, extensive knowledge, and professional and friendly attitude are experts in making clients’ wishes a reality and delivering over and above their expectations.


Insightful Collaboration

A great design studio is more than just a contractor; it should be an insightful collaborator. An experienced designer should be able to understand the client’s vision and work with them to create something truly special.


Especially for this project we designed and produced cupboards and decorative alcoves with spotlights which hold a large collection of unique and fragile art deco vases. The collection, which is the client’s pride and joy, has been displayed in the best possible way to complement and adorn the interior.


Smart Investment

HNW individuals are often stereotyped as not having to worry about money. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While lack of funding isn’t a fundamental challenge, HNW individuals always manage their finances very tightly by keeping a very close eye on their income and expenditure. They understand that managing costs correctly is key to achieving success. This means HNW carefully consider every purchase and actively look for areas in which to save or invest wisely.

Our clients understand that their home is an investment. They are cognizant of the potential financial gain their home can bring and proactively look for ways to increase it. This often means not only buying artwork to hang on their walls, but also investing in modern furniture pieces that could potentially double or even triple in price over the years. For some of our clients we provide an art advisory and art searching service.


Living room, Rhinocéros Cosmique, Sculpture by Saldavor Dali, 1956


What was the most extraordinary request from a HNW client?

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that no two clients are alike; each one comes with their own list of wishes and requests, which usually require creative problem solving skills on our part! While some requests may seem extraordinary at first glance, such as custom displays for a vase collection or a safe room in a house, it’s important for us to keep an open mind when working with each client. After all, if they’re entrusting us with designing their homes, then they must be confident in our ability to understand their vision and deliver results!


HNW Individuals often push the boundaries of ordinary luxury. This lobby of a private office is no different: the owner’s motorcycle bursts into the interior in a bold move, working perfectly with a giant metal sculpture. Despite their size, these objects fit the scale of the space and are thoughtfully arranged to provide an impressive perspective for those within it.


Having worked in this industry for nearly two decades, O&A London Studio knows exactly what U/HNW clients value most when choosing an interior design firm – transparency during every step of the process paired with innovation and attention to detail ensures complete client satisfaction every time!  There isn’t anything too big or too small.  If you dream it, then chances are O&A London Studio can make it happen!

Contact us today if you’d like more information about how O&A London Studio can help you transform your home or your work space into something truly remarkable!

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