Anna Agapova & Oleg Klodt
Anna Agapova & Oleg Klodt
Luxury Interior Design & Architecture

The main driving force of O&A London is the creative partnership of its founders — Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova. Oleg and Anna are Business Partners at the Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design studio.

Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design is an international award-winning architectural and design studio that was established in 2000. The studio portfolio features dozens of projects, from private homes and apartments, to interiors for hotels, restaurants and shops.

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  • Barcelona, Spain

    The Barcelona project took on a building named ‘Casa Jacinta Ruix’, built in 1904 by architect Ramon Viniolas. The current owners of the building were keen to work with Oleg and Anna to maintain the properties of original characteristics and interpret the historical heritage of the building.

    The spaces, including the meandering corridors and lofty ceilings, became a focus for the interior design of the building. A mosaic was chosen to accent the ceilings, creating an abundance of light and becoming the hero focus of the Barcelona project.

    During the restoration process, an original Monier ceiling was discovered, which inspired Anna to restore other antique and vintage features such as the locks and door handles of the building.

    The combination of these classic features, with the beauty of the mosaic and minimalist features, created a very Spanish, yet extremely modern apartment. A touching homage to Barcelona and its heritage.

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  • Amsterdam, Holland

    This is a building with a special history, designed in the last century and used as an artist's studio. The cornerstone of our concept was to preserve the appearance and architectural vernacular of the building while making it a welcoming and comfortable place to live for its new owners: a family with two children. We were able to increase the living-space area, as well as convert the Orangerie into a kitchen-dining space.

    We laid out the interiors in a Dutch minimalist style. The artist who had lived here - Gerard Schaperkotter - had created a very unusual atmosphere in the house, and his paintings became the inspiration for the interiors. The final result was a very understated, simple and restrained interior that nonetheless remains a comfortable living space: while the building itself has retained its essential character while gaining a slightly more contemporary edge.

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  • Usovo, Russia

    Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design took on a mansion in Usovo, which once belonged to Russian Emperor Alexander II and his family, in 1864. The Emperor and his family were instrumental in the area's infrastructure and contributed much to its rich history. The modern owners were keen to respect the heritage of the building while creating an ultra-modern family nest – a ‘nest of nobility’.

    Oleg and Anna had an ambitious and inspirational approach to the architecture and design of the property. The entire ground floor space – 1000 square meters in total – was combined to create an open plan lounge, library and dining room, and the guesthouse was transformed into a spa. The new owners possessed a unique collection of 18th and 19th-century paintings, which became a point of reference when creating the interior.

    A mansion for the 21st century was created, in which past and present are lightly intertwined.

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