The creative duo of designer Anna Agapova and architect Oleg Klodt are delighted to reveal O&A London’s new rug collection, Patagonia. The title, Patagonia, reflects yet again the creators’ deep connection to nature and the artistic inspiration drawn from the unique beauty of Patagonian landscapes.

After the successful launch of O&A London’s first textile and rug collection, Caledonia, Oleg and Anna further explored the idea of creating a series of patterns reflecting the serene tranquility and mesmerising beauty of nature. The Patagonia rug collection is produced in collaboration with the renowned British company Riviere Rugs. Every piece is sustainably handcrafted in Riviere’s own workshop in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.

The Patagonia rug collection features four designs: serenity, eternity, infinity and fragility.

Sustainable and Renewable Materials

All rugs in the collection are hand-knotted with meticulous skill by artisans in Nepal using sustainably sourced natural fibres like Tibetan wool and eco-friendly Tencel silk. Materials were carefully selected with the ecological impact in mind. In a world increasingly dominated by synthetic materials which are not easily biodegradable, we choose natural fibres, like wool sourced from Himalayan sheep. Wool is extremely eco-friendly, it is 100% sustainable and renewable, with very little environmental impact throughout the production process.

Textures and Colours

Delicately contrasting textures and vibrant colours create a subtle three-dimensional impression and a very tactile feel. Designed to outlast trends and stand the test of time, the Patagonia collection is intricately hand-crafted by artisans using age-old traditional methods and the finest materials.

We strongly believe that the choice of colours, textures and materials we select for our homes have a strong impact on how we feel. These qualities not only  enrich the appearance of our homes, but they support our wellbeing at the same time. In particular, natural materials applied to designs inspired by nature have this amazing capacity. This is the defining quality of our rugs: they are pieces inspired by nature and created at the highest level of quality in terms of materials used and skills deployed. These rugs offer longevity, that will evolve with the owners’ home and lifestyle to perhaps, one day, become ‘antiques of the future’.

All designs can be customised in any shape and size.


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