People have always been drawn to the light. We consider the luminaire as the focal point of any interior. Not only does light determine the atmosphere and the mood of a space, it also has an impact on the the way we perceive our surroundings, how we see ourselves and ultimately on our behaviour. Light has a strong influence on our emotional state, so it’s no surprise that we rely on lighting to create a relaxing, cozy and intimate atmosphere in our homes and other spaces. O&A London, a London based brand, is known for creating lighting installations, which add that special magic to an interior and, at the same time, become timeless works of art.

Trends in lighting design mirror what is happening in the entire interior design sector. Since the end of last century there haven’t been any  fundamentally new interior styles. Everything moves in cycles, development happens in a spiralling motion. As the pace of life speeds up year by year the lifespan of a style becomes shorter. Trends are rapidly replacing each other and sometimes there is an overlap of styles creating an interesting mix. Still, architects and designers will continue their search for inspiration in order to create unique spaces that link us with the past.

O&A London’s lighting collections perfectly demonstrates the value we place on the principle of harmoneous co-existence of humans and nature. Each piece combines timeless elegance with a feel of luxury, superb craftsmanship and top-notch technical know-how. By combining the latest modern technologies in lighting design with an artistic approach and by carefully selecting the right materials we follow our belief that all elements of human life are deeply connected and in balance, cooperation and harmony with nature.

Our lighting designers  produce fixtures in partnership with some of the best and most reputable manufactures in the market. Every single piece is a vivid, original expression of our designers’ architectural sensibility as well as the natural intuition and artistic ambition applied to each of the designs in the collection.

Because of their finely judged proportions and meticulously engineered construction all pieces of O&A London’s lighting collections are suitable for both minimalist and classical interiors. We have created timeless and balanced interior pieces, experimenting with shape and style. All pieces can be seen as sculptural objets d’art. They should become focal points, even centre pieces in a room.

O&A London’s professional team of experienced lighting consultants is happy to assist clients with sourcing and supplying the right lighting features in accordance with the concept of each interior project.

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