O&A London’s designer wallpaper collection CALEDONIA is a result of collaboration with renowned heritage brand Holland & Sherry. The Caledonia collection is one of the most exquisite paper wallcoverings lines available on the luxury market today. Not only does CALEDONIA offer an impressive range of designs and colours to decorate your home with, it also comes as part of the larger collection of products that includes some stunning rugs and fabrics. The designs are inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape and speak to nature itself.


THE CALEDONIA exclusive wallcoverings are made up of four beautiful designs that endow new dimensions to a physical space. Carefully handcrafted surfaces are designed to shine magnificently with a special acrylic paint; they play with light by illuminating rooms in a house from different directions.

Fabulous multidimensional patterns, stunning details and sophisticated colours make the collection truly distinctive.  Our wallpaper can be like a piece of art in a room or be a perfect backdrop for paintings, wall sculptures and installations.


Our designs never see a computer. The colours are mixed by hand in the Holland & Sherry workshop in Brooklyn, New York. Hand tools are used. Our type of hand painting could be done the same way 100 years ago. To produce 1 meter can take up to 10 mins. The important thing to remember is that it is a layered process. Our wallcovering has 7 steps, so this means we paint 1 sq m of wall covering 7 times over the course of 7 days. Read more about the process in our interview with Cory Barber, Creative Director at Holland & Sherry


Designed with inspiration from Scotland’s landscape, the STAFFA wallpaper is a stunning tribute to Viking history. Its intricate geometric patterns and pinstripes evoke an atmosphere of understated grandeur in any space, while its handmade texture adds delightful sensibility. Discover this unique design for yourself – explore your interior like never before!

GIANT’S CAUSEWAY design traces its origins to the legend of Fingal, a hero who built a vast mound, the Giant’s Causeway, which connected Scotland and Ireland. The pattern resembles the diverse geology of majestic Scotland, and works in harmony with its surroundings, creating a vibrant and alluring living space.

ERICA, the Latin word for heather, takes its inspiration from the iconic purple hills of Scotland.  Combining the wild power and natural charm of this plant, Erica wallpaper design complements any modern space by bringing a touch of Scotland’s idyllic landscape.

LOW TIDE narrates the story of the eternal relationship between waves and sand.  The design reflects the sheer force of the ocean and its unpredictability, possessing a richness that evokes passion and strength.  The wallpaper design captures the imprint of a wave on a sand.

Our exquisitely designed wallpapers can transform any room and work as a self-sufficient piece of art. In addition they could compliment the wall artwork and serve as the perfect backdrop for accent paintings.

With four vivid colour options, choosing the perfect hue to complement your interior has never been easier.

Our wallcoverings are crafted with the same precision as fabric wallcoverings and carry a signature feature of any hand-crafted product: seams. For clients who do not love seams we are suggesting print or vinyl wallcoverings. These materials help to reach a seamless effect. However, with a Double Cutting technique these seams can be visible but minimised, giving you a perfect result. For each design we provide a video installation guide.

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