OUR Collaborations

O&A London’s award winning design studio has created bespoke interiors for 20 years. During these years we were lucky to collaborate with talented and creative artists, designers, brands and craftspeople. They have not only become partners and co-authors of our collections but also friends.

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Each project interacts and reflects the character and dreams of our clients. Most of the furniture and lighting, rugs and textiles, wallcoverings and tableware in our projects are bespoke collections manufactured from our own drawings. This allows us to create truly exclusive and bespoke interiors.

O&A London collaborates with a number of manufactures and companies in order to create its unique products. This includes partnerships with Preciosa, a leading international glass manufacturer; Riviere, who produce custom handmade rugs; Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne, who also create bespoke rugs; Holland & Sherry, a reputable heritage brand of luxury fabrics; and Poeunat, who create bespoke pieces of furniture and lighting.


O&A London’s sustainable approach to interiors transforms the current design landscape. We create unique interiors inspired by nature, and we feel the power to help save the Earth for future generations. Last summer together with our partner Riviere Rugs we announced on social media the environmental initiative “SAVE THE OCEAN”.

To attract more attention to our initiative in media we teamed up for one creative project with artists Stacie McCormick and Valeria Nascimento, who are equally inspired by ocean landscapes. Together we created a concept to share this story with the public.

“Nature has always been a major source of inspiration for artists, architects and designers” – noted Anna Agapova. Eco design for me is the interior where the main artist is not a human being but nature itself”.

The aim of the creative collaboration is to support organisations committed to cleaning up the oceans. We donate 10% from every OCEAN rug sale, (from the CALEDONIA collection) to 4ocean, a company dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean and saving and preserving marine life.


Designers need inspiration. And interiors need art integration!

Working closely with artists and internationally renowned galleries on collaborations, we add a personal touch to our projects. Sometimes the design of an entire interior is based on a piece of art.

Valeria Nascimento’s delicate and fragile porcelain installations leave no one indifferent. No wonder her works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the globe. These refined nature-inspired pieces are very frequent in our projects. These fine porcelain installations are true artworks!

Our collaboration with Stacey McCormack, an American artist from California has already been running for five years. Having grown up near the ocean Stacey McCormack addresses it quite regularly in her work. Her paintings are full of depth, movement, and mystery – like the ocean itself.

Valeria Nascimento, a good friend of O&A London, creates amazing porcelain installations inspired by corals. Valeria’s elegant artwork reminds us of the fragility of marine life and how easily people could destroy it through thoughtless and reckless behaviour.

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