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In September 2018, the O&A London presented its first collection of interior decorative fabrics and wallpapers, ‘CALEDONIA’, created in partnership with the company HOLLAND & SHERRY whose almost two-centuries experience in exclusive textile production is unrivalled on the world market.

Fabric collection

The ‘CALEDONIA’ fabric collection is a declaration of love to a remote corner of the world, where, against a backdrop of the picturesque Highlands, the basalt cliffs of the Isle of Skye are washed by cold Atlantic waters. ‘CALEDONIA’ reflects the deeply intimate sense of beauty that designers Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt felt on their first visit to Scotland, where the images of their new wallpaper and fabrics collection took shape.

Being inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape, the designers created a story that journeyed around the land of the Celts.  It consists of nine “chapters” — nine unique designs that show how the three forces of nature can be embodied by a collection of wallpaper and decorative fabrics for the home.

The collection uses three types of weaving, providing the possibility for extensive use of each design for interior decoration. It is created using only the finest natural materials  silk, wool and linen. 

CALEDONIA speaks the language of nature itself!

Discover the Caledonia fabric collection

Wallpaper collection

THE CALEDONIA wallpaper collection is made up of four designs that endow new dimensions to a physical space. Carefully handcrafted surfaces are designed to shine magnificently; they play with light by illuminating the space from different directions. 

Fabulous multidimensional patterns, stunning details and sophisticated colours make the Caledonia collection truly distinctive.  

Discover Caledonia handmade wallpaper collection

Cityscapes fabric collection

The exquisite second collection of fabrics by O&A London was inspired by Paris, London, New York and St. Petersburg. Using images from architecture and nature, Anna Agapova and Oleg Klodt created an eclectic mix of patterns, that convey the movement and emotions of urban spaces.

The collection is exclusively represented by Holland & Sherry in the USA.

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