Coworking & Cafe
Coworking & Cafe
Hybrid Space with Coworking & Cafe

O&A London studio designed public spaces the interiors of the new residential complex. These modern apartments are designed to suit young professionals for a new standard of living in the city. The project pays special attention to the use of public spaces with the coworking space and the lobby created in the style of modern constructivism. The mixture of shapes and colours resembles that of a Lego design, where different geometric shapes, materials and textures are combined into an integral and harmonious composition.

Gray concrete contrasts with the soft glow of brass, and decorative 3D panels set off a bright upholstery within the furniture. Abstract paintings by modern artists unite the interior with lighting resembling fragments from a flat abstraction. The entire wall behind the reception is decorated with brass mailboxes created exclusively for the residential complex. In addition, the side walls are covered with 3D panels which creates a vibrant atmosphere to the working space.


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