Lungs of the planet

Designer Anna Agapova draws upon her knowledge of the natural world, acquired while studying at the Faculty of Geography, to inform her approach to creating atmospheres that capture a sense of warmth and authenticity. O&A London’s new rug collection pays tribute to this special relationship with nature; aptly titled “Lungs Of The Planet”. After spending time amongst trees in harmony with their environment she noted “I really did feel as if they were speaking directly with me”: an intimate moment which is expertly woven into every inch each design.

In recent years, the most disastrous fires of forests have become a global problem for the “lungs of the planet”. About 10 hectares of Amazon rainforest disappear every minute, because of human activities such as agriculture, the extraction of raw materials and urbanisation. Anna believes that art and design could be a driving force to reset our ways in order for our planet to survive.

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