Luxury Modern Apartment
Luxury Modern Apartment
Featuring a shared chill-out space and vibrant stylish kids’ rooms

The team at O&A London Design Studio has known these clients for years and this project represents the second time we were commissioned to create interior spaces for them. The husband and wife team, both lawyers by profession and possessing an incredible sense of humour, are parents to very lively children who love bright colours and unexpected solutions. The parents were very engaged and wanted to take an active part in the project from start to finish. Active engagement is a distinguishing feature of this family and it shows their attitude to creating the interior of their home.

The central location of the hall pre-determines the layout of the rest of the apartment. Two symmetrical portals lead to the private area to the right, and to the common area with the living room, kitchen and dining room to the left. This space is designed in red terracotta, which is rather unconventional and amazes from the moment you enter the apartment.

The artistic centrepiece of the open-plan living area is a kitchen island. On one side it is very functional: numerous cabinets, drawers and necessary appliances are hidden inside it. The surprise is on the other side, where the island is decorated with a botanical bas-relief with architectural illumination. This piece was crafted especially for this project. The organic theme is continued throughout the design of the dining area, where we placed a bespoke table with a solid wood top by designer Tom Faulkner. The table is functional and an ideal design piece for families who like to entertain.

Overall, the designers paid special attention to the general background in all spaces. The living area features handmade wallpaper from the Caledonia collection by O&A, which was manufactured in collaboration with Holland & Sherry. The collection was inspired by Scottish landscapes and the wallpaper design used in this project, Low Tide, repeats the pattern of wave ripples on the ocean shore. The design emphasises the tranquil atmosphere in the lounge.

The door leading to the study is hidden in the wall panels of the kitchen. Here the design is fundamentally different. The space is characterised by dark colors, however, it is not gloomy. The dark veneer of the built-in bookshelves works in perfect harmony with the richly textured handmade wallpaper, ERICA, which adds depth to the space. We didn’t just design bespoke bookshelves for our clients, we actually created a space where they can create their own home library. Despite the fact that this space is a designated work area, the parents spend a ‘reading hour’ with their two children in the study every evening. To highlight this connection with the young generation, our designers placed a bright painting there, reminiscent of the style of Pieter Bruegel.

The bedroom should be a calm sanctuary – a place to relax in privacy. Having their own private space in a home where two boisterous young boys were growing up was very important for the parents. We eliminated bright colours and contrasts in this room, focusing on nuances in colours and textures. For the background we used handmade wallpaper, STAFFA, which adds texture and depth to the space. The bathroom connected to the master bedroom has an interesting layout: it is located between the bedroom and the dressing room. This location was not a design choice but it was dictated by the need for access to the plumbing infrastructure. In the end, however, it turned out to be an ergonomically clever solution.

We have a very special connection to the children in this family. Both boys, 6 and 8 years of age, are being brought up with great respect for the past and a view to the future at the same time. There are two private bedrooms and a playroom as well as a children’s’ bathroom.

We designed each room individually after the parents assured us that the two brothers inherited completely different temperaments and characters. Every Sunday the family comes together to watch old-style film-strips. In today’s day and age this is an unusual hobby but the boys cherish this time with their parents. We installed special soft mats where they can all flop together and enjoy some good old Hollywood glamour.

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