Philippe Hurel

O&A London Unveils Furniture Collection for the Maison Philippe Hurel

O&A London is delighted to announce its collaboration with the Maison Philippe Hurel, a distinguished French furniture brand that is celebrated for their bespoke services, quality, and expert craftsmanship. Through this collaboration, O&A London has unveiled the stunning Water Lilies coffee table, which was recently presented at Decorex International 2023 in Olympia London, and we cannot wait to showcase even more of these masterpieces at Maison Object 2024 in Paris.



Water Lilies

The Water Lilies coffee table is an extraordinary piece of furniture that reflects the exceptional skills of the artisans behind Maison Philippe Hurel. The intricate design of the table draws inspiration from the water lilies, hence the name. The table features an intricately detailed metal leg, which holds a curved-shaped tabletop that resembles delicate lily pads. The glass tabletop featuring a texture exudes a sense of tranquillity and movement reminiscent of the motion of water.

The WATER LILY table is stunning by itself or in a group of a few different-sized tables.


The collaboration between O&A London and Maison Philippe Hurel is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the two companies. The fusion of O&A London’s modern and contemporary style with the classic elegance and skill of Philippe Hurel has resulted in an exquisite piece of furniture that showcases the exceptional quality and attention to detail of both brands. The Water Lilies coffee table is not just a functional piece, but it also serves as a statement art piece that reflects the owners’ passion for art and exquisite taste.

Stay tuned to hear about the unveiling of new furniture pieces at Maison Object 2024 in Paris.

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