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Riviere was founded by Camilla and Leo Riviere in 2005. Handwoven in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley using traditional techniques, the rugs are made from the finest hand-carded and hand-spun Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, as well as mohair, nettle, linen and botanic silk. Painstakingly crafted, each rug is unique and of exceptional quality.

Caledonia Collection

Among the brand’s finest creations is the Caledonia Collection, produced in collaboration with O&A London. Inspired by the majestic Scottish landscape, there are five mesmerising designs. The O&A London design, combined with Riviere’s creative and highly skilled artisanal approach to rug making, allies for a collection of contemporary rugs of extraordinary beauty.

‘What defines our rugs is that they offer longevity, evolving with our clients’ homes and lifestyles so that hopefully they will be passed on to the next generation,’ say Camilla and Leo. ‘We like to say that our rugs are unique pieces of floor art; an heirloom that will continue to give its owners pleasure for years to come.’


Save the Ocean

Last summer together Riviere Rugs and O&A London announced the environmental initiative “SAVE THE OCEAN”.  Companies donated 10% from every OCEAN rug, the CALEDONIA collection, to 4ocean, a company dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean and saving and preserving marine life.

To attract attention to their initiative the designers teamed up in one creative project with artists Stacie McCormick and Valeria Nascimento, who are equally inspired by ocean landscapes.

Since the initiative was announced last year, the companies have removed 347 pounds of trash from the ocean.

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