O&A London Unveils New ‘Nature-Inspired’ Lighting Collection for STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN

London-based luxury furniture brand, O&A London, is thrilled to announce its latest lighting collection inspired by nature. From summer 2023, Pearl Pendant and Waterfall Pendant, two deeply inspired and exquisitely crafted pieces, will be available for purchase exclusively at STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, one of the world’s leading furniture and design galleries, renowned for presenting unique creations and true statement pieces.

Pearl Pendant

O&A London’s exclusive lighting collection continues to reflect the brand’s philosophy. PEARL PENDANT, featuring a perfect sphere in the centre, resembles an open shell holding a precious pearl. Smooth metal frames encase the elegant 8-sided construction from art glass or alabaster. 

“Pearls are among the most delightful treasures of the sea and have long symbolized purity, love, and fertility”. – says Oleg Klodt, Founder of O&A London.

Discover the PEARL lighting collection

Waterfall Pendant

O&A London’s WATERFALL PENDANT embodies the beauty and power of nature. Inspired by the smooth lines and grace of a waterfall, this bespoke chandelier, crafted from chiselled bronze in an oxidized finish with art glass, perfectly combines modern technology with artistic inspiration. It radiates harmony and tranquillity.

Anna Agapova, Creative Director and Co-Founder of O&A London, explains: “Waterfalls are magical. Their beauty is sublime and their energy surpasses most natural phenomena. They are one of the greatest wonders of Mother Nature.”

Discover the WATERFALL lighting collection



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About O&A London

O&A London is a luxury interior design company established by the creative duo of architect Oleg Klodt and designer Anna Agapova. The brand’s aesthetic impact results from the harmonious interaction of the two designers’ different creative visions. Oleg’s sharp architectural eye and Anna’s sensibility to nature complement each other perfectly. For more than 23 years, their dynamic partnership has continued to create elegant, sophisticated and timeless interiors and objects of incredible beauty and high aesthetic value for clients across the globe. O&A London is known for creating light collections, demonstrating the company’s value placed on the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature. Constant creativity is the company’s authorship, where every piece is a vivid, original expression of our designers’ architectural sensibility and the natural intuition and artistic ambition applied to each collection’s designs.

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